Sea Bridge Park , Huntington Beach

Looking for a fun beach spot? I think I got the right one for ya. I was recently introduced to this gem & you better believe I’ll be spending as much time as possible here for the rest of summer. The reason I love this place for my family is because there are no waves. It’s perfect for floats & kayaks. Just set up camp on the beach & go cruise through the canals. All along the way there are bridges that you can jump off of into the water. We would pull our kayaks onto the beach, go jump off the bridge, & hop back into our kayaks to paddle to the next stop. We went to this area 2 times this week! That’s how much fun we had. On the weekends, not gonna lie, there are tons of people there but with so many people taking the plunge, it’s sooooo much fun.! There are quite a few places you can rent kayaks in town but if you are looking for a recommendation  this is a good spot http://soutwindkayaks.com . Its $14 an hour for a single kayak & $20 an hour for a double. If kayaking isn’t your thing. Bring floats & chill. We did that too!

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