Trash pick up

organized my first trash clean up at the creek.  i bought gloves at the 99 cent store and brought trash bags and trader joes paper bags. we met up at the cafe…had some beers and headed to the creek. i gotta say, i had no clue how fast those trash bags would fill up. we ended up filling like 16 bags with just our small group of mostly children. the kids were in shock as well and started getting really defensive of the creek as they watched people around us throw trash in the water despite us being there cleaning up. it was definitely rough. i spoke to the park ranger there and he had no useful information. i wanted to see if he could share  how people can be more involved  and how to educate the community on how their behaviors are affecting that eco system. he had nada. soooooo ill keep doing what i’m doing and invite people to join! i will be putting together another clean up soon. not sure if it will be at the creek again, or somewhere else. if you have any suggestions of place in southern california that you think could use some love…let me know! heres some photos from our day. thanks to my friends for coming out to help xo