PetSmart holiday gift guide

Buying Christmas gifts for people is one of my favorite things to do. Buying Christmas gifts for pets is ALSO one of my favorite things to do! haha! My girls and I went on a little trip to PetSmart. We picked out some of our favorite things and I wanted to share them with you!

During the holidays they have select items that 10% of your purchase will be donated to pets in need. So we definitely grabbed a few of those items. The girls dad bought them puppies for Christmas so they picked out 2 little beds and one of these cozy blankets.

The puppies also each got one of these squeaky tsum tsums!!

Also for every bag of food purchased PetSmart gives a meal to a pet in need!!


Heres some goodies we got for our cats!! These are our “stocking stuffers”.Catnip, treats, cute fluffy balls, wipes & some soft food in cute little pouches. Everything here is under $5!!

My cats have never had a bath. To scared to try but they do love being wiped down with pet wipes. The Whisker City wipes are $5  Lenny clearly likes them.

The item I spent the most on was this cute cat bed. I had to get it! It was $50 . Worth every penny 🙂

the puppies love their beds and toys too. (impossible to get a picture of  a puppy haha)


Make your way over to PetSmart to get your pets something and help other pets in need with your purchases!!! Happy Holidays!