Disney Circle

I partnered with Disney Circle and wanted to give you the scoop on their product that I got to try out! I could tell as soon as I opened the box that I would be very into it. The directions were sooooo simple & the Circle was easy to set up. I am not tech savvy AT ALL. If you are anything like me, you really appreciate a product with instructions that make you feel like you’re super smart for getting something techy to work. Let me tell ya a bit about the product. So the Circle, once set up at home, can connect to any of your devices. Cell phones, iPads, etc. it allows you to control and monitor usage on anything you connect it to. I’m just going to share the things I liked best about it but there’s definitely more that it can do. First off you download the app! From there you can create a profile for everyone in your family. I set up time allowed for each of my kids, and set a bed time so my kids can’t sneak their devices when I’m not watching. It’s so amazing. It really has helped me control how much time me and my kids spend in the cyber world. Actually kinda embarrassed at the amount of time I spend on the web. Giving ourselves time limits leaves us with a lot more time to enjoy each other. These were the features I loved the most about the Circle. It offers so much more so I’d highly recommend checking it out! Easy to use and useful!¬†http://meetcircle.com/circle/