Blue Sky Center

I stumbled upon Blue Sky Center while searching  http://hip  for a place my friend I could skip town to for the weekend. This place did not disappoint. It’s located in New Cuyama about 2 hours outside LA. At there are 5 different huts that can be rented out. Each one is different inside as far as sleeping situations so check that out when booking. The site also has a cantina that may be used by any guest staying. The kitchen is fully equipped with cups, dishes, stove, fridge etc. The restrooms are on site as well with a shower available! i woke up around 6am every morning to take a walk and watch the sunrise. It sure is a site to be seen.


There is a grocery store a couple blocks down that has produce, beer etc. also a cute thrift shop and laundromat. 🙂 in walking distance!

Also a diner right next-door to the grocery store called the Buckhorn Lodge. Reallllyyyy yum breakfast. We had breakfast there every morning.

In case you’re like me and where you enjoy the quite pace for a short time but want to see the local town, about 40 minutes from the blue sky center is a little town called Taft. We found a few fun things to do there. First of which was a really good mexican restaurant called Mi Casita. The chips and salsa were goooood and so were the fajitas. Reasonably priced as well.

There were the cutest details in town!!! In particular we fell in love with the outside of this theatre. We wanted to catch a movie but they only had evening showings and that didn’t work with our schedule. Definitely will plan that for the next trip.

Next we went to  small bowling alley in town that they have the local  rec center. $6 a game. they also have basketball courts and video games. you can bring your own food and drinks in as well!

After this we headed back to the Sky Center. Just note that all these spots are from our home base on the trip and all within 30-40 min of the center. We made one last note worthy stop at a place called “the place” 🙂 We didn’t eat there so i can’t tell you if the food is good. We just grabbed a beer. I can tell you that that was good. They offered a lot of pies and deserts that I wanted to try really bad but still had a belly full of fajitas. Its a pretty drive getting to this spot. theres pistachio farms along the way.

If you have any questions about places we went that weren’t answered here, let me know! Until next time..